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What Do I Wear? – Boudoir Edition

I get the same question over and over again at my boudoir consultations. WHAT DO I WEAR?!

Here is a list of items to wear and not to wear.

What to wear:

Black Lace – corset, bra, panties, teddy, bodysuit, robe (can you tell black lace is one of my all time favorites?)

If you are wearing a veil for your wedding, bring it, along with you under the wedding dress lingerie.

Garter Belt and Stockings: Sexy and gorgeous. Try and find the stockings without the silicon at the top, if you can’t buy a size bigger than you actually are. The silicon is designed to grab onto your thigh to keep the stocking up and it can sometimes create an unwanted bulge on the thigh.

Bra and panty sets: be sure your bra fits well and the panties don’t have to be thongs. Boy short and bikini cut underwear are sexy too!

If you are doing this as a gift, bring something of your significant others… T-shirt, button front shirt, sports jersey.

Sweaters: cardigan sweaters are great if you want to have a little more coverage in the mid-section and still show off that gorgeous bra you bought for the boudoir session.

Shoes: black, nude and perhaps a pop of color.

Jewelry: Bring a few of your favorite pieces and we’ll see how we can incorporate them into your outfits.

What not to wear:

Ill-fitting bras and panties. We want something on the newer and prettier side!

Babydoll lingerie: It’s very pretty and sweet, but it doesn’t give your body the sexy shape we want.

Old shoes: If your heels are old and show their age, think about investing in some new ones or try and polish your old ones.

Amber will go over other ideas and talk through your session with you at your boudoir consultation. Feel free to call or email her to talk more about you boudoir session.

All boudoir sessions take place in her West Hartford, CT photography studio.



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