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Cherry Blossoms and a Sunset

I love going to locations that mean something to my clients for a few reasons…

  1. There’s already a connection there.
  2. I learn more about them.
  3. It’s typically a new location for me.

I met Valeria and Will because they were referred to me by Avon Old Farms Hotel.

Will isn’t a fan of having his photo taken, and Valerie is a natural, so the location was pretty much up to her.

When we talked about where their engagement session should take place, she mentioned her grandmother’s house on the beach in Stamford. It’s certainly a bit of a drive for me from my photography studio in West Hartford, CT, but it was worth it.

It was cold and windy that evening, but the sunlight was perfect, and we were able to create some beautiful images in front of the cherry blossom trees.

Then we waited for the sunset.

Wow, that sunset was perfect! Valerie’s dad helped me out, holding one of my new Profoto B1 strobes, and as a photo enthusiast he was happy to help!





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