Kristine & Adam Family | Nod Brooks Wildlife Area

Nod Brooks Wildlife Area Family Session

I love being able to photograph families over the years. Seeing the family grow and become stronger is an amazing thing. Leila, Kristine & Adam’s beautiful pup, loves Nod Brook Wildlife Area because she can run and swim in the pond. We tried to stay away from the pond at the beginning to keep her dry, but she eventually made her way to the pond for a nice dip in the water.

Every once in a while I will bring my husband, Zach, and son, Silas, along for a shoot. Silas loves to help me out, well that’s what he says. Sometimes he’ll ask for a picture of him so we did at the very end of the session with Leila. Leila was hoping for a bit of Silas’s snack. Who doesn’t love BBQ Lays?

Nod Brooks Wildlife Area

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