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Parachute Dress Project

April 21, 2016

Personal projects keep me on my toes and allow me to explore my creativity. I love creating new and different images. On a freezing and windy day in February I got together with a lovely team of beauties to create these images.

The parachute came from a Military Supply Surplus store in Fayetteville, NC. I called about 15 stores before I found one that had a parachute! Then I took it to my wonderful friend and clothing designer, Rebecca Reinbold Couture, to put waist band in the parachute.

Jen and Tasha arrived to do hair and makeup for my friend and model Kalina and then we moved our way to the cold outdoors.


Make-Up: Jen Giuliano from All Dolled Up

Hair: Tasha Hiraldo from All Dolled Up

Model: Kalina Kieterling

Photography: Amber Jones Photography

Clothing Designer: Rebecca Reinbold Couture

The parachute dress can be a great addition to a high school senior portrait session! Call Amber to schedule your session and be apart of creating art.

Amber can be reached at 860.550.5454

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  1. Vicki says:

    Absolutely stunning dress and images! I’m looking to make a parachute dress of my own and am not sure about which fabric to look for. I know parachutes can be made with cotton, silk, or nylon. What fabric is your dress made out of? Thanks so much in advance! Vicki

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